Greetings and Welcome to Katy’s Catering

We believe you deserve the best, most festive casual or elegant affair whatever the occasion.  Our dedication to detail and our passion for serving only local, fresh foods guarantee your satisfaction. Relax and enjoy your party as our catering experience guarantees professional, fun and award winning service.  Whether you are looking for razzle-dazzle or down home cooking, we deliver, creating an extraordinary taste right before your eyes.


Wedding Themes
Planning the perfect beach wedding? We are so glad you decided to visit, because we would love to be a part of your special day. Whether you want a formal, sit down affair or casual hors d’oeuvres, we make it simple and delicious by offering several easy themes to choose from. Likewise, we can tailor any combination of items to suit your needs. Leave the details to us so you can enjoy dancing with your new hubby. Click here for details.

Personal Chef Services
Add a little sophistication to your next dinner party. Give us a call and we will entertain you and your guests by showing you how to create a special gourmet meal. At the end, you learn a new skill and get to enjoy a decadent, fully catered meal with your close friends. Why spend a fortune going out when you can have the chef come to you?